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Rapid, Low-Cost

Covid-19 Saliva Testing

Giving you confidence in surveillance, screening, and outbreak management for your school and athletic plans.


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You want a safe return to in-person instruction and school activities

But there’s a problem:


  • There is no vaccine available for youth
  •  You need confidence students aren’t infected to hold events
  • Test results take too long


  • Many tests are expensive and require specialized staff to collect
  • Students don’t like the Covid swab test
  • You need accurate, sensitive data for contact tracing

We offer you easy, affordable, systematic, and responsive COVID-19 testing to keep your students and staff safe so you can get back to normal school activities.

Stop Stressing Over Covid-19 Testing


With vaccinations for youth still in drug trials, testing is the only confident way to identify SARs Covid-19 infections. With regulations and requirements in constant flux, staying ahead of the changes and keeping your students and staff safe is a daily consideration.

Make your Covid-19 testing routine fast and easy. While testing can be a hassle and no one likes swabs or pokes, our Covid-19 testing uses saliva collection. It’s reliable, easy to collect, and gives you confidence with quick, accurate results at a reduced cost compared to standard swab tests.

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How it Works:

  • We work with you to establish a set testing schedule
  • Individuals spit into a collection vial which is labeled, time-date stamped, and dropped into a biohazard bag.
  • You can hold test samples for several hours before passing it on to a courier for delivery to our lab.
  • In less than 24 hours you get a secure email with test results.
  • You have the results you need to make decisions and keep people safe.

We are certified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to conduct high complexity tests on human samples, including Covid testing.

The confidence to safely return to in-person schooling and activities.


Easy to use

Earlier and more sensitive detection

High accuracy

Low invasiveness, minimal to no subject discomfort

Add a courier service or deliver it yourself

Build data and save time in contact tracing

Keep your students safe

Fast results - 24-hour turnaround

Get encrypted results following HIPAA format

We can assist you with State Agency Reporting

Girl with Vial

“Worry-free testing with quick results and a personal touch whenever we have questions.”

Nancy Reasland, BSN, RN

Pandemic Response Coordinator, Cornell College

How can it be this easy?

  • All in one system, rapid results.
  • Easy to spit, no swabs–non-invasive
  • You own the results and the relationship with the lab.
  • Cost per student as low as $16 vs. $79 (national average)

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  • We review your Covid-19 testing plan with you
  • We’ll identify your optimal test frequency
  •  We’ll suggest collection times
  •  We’ll coordinate sample delivery to the lab



Receive a Memorandum of Agreement

  • Initial retainer
  • Cost per test for routine pre-set numbers
  • Terms and pricing for Covid event testing
  • Sign and return agreement with retainer


Get your Covid saliva test kits and start testing

  • HRI Labs ships you test kits and instructions
  • Receive the trainer video on how to collect samples
  • Receive an orientation and debriefing on first test results
  • Get monthly invoicing
  • E-mail access to microbiologists

We understand the challenges of making decisions in an ever-changing field of science that affects everyone’s daily life. We’re here to help you. We understand your need for procedures and systems that comply with ever-changing policies and funding sources.

We also understand you need the highest value at the lowest cost, with the most responsive service. HRI Labs is led by experienced microbiologists conducting research on  human health issues. All lab processes are monitored by an active molecular biologist. 

Testing to get back to normal.