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Pet and Animal Testing for Glyphosate

Test your pets for glyphosate exposure

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Join a growing group of people who care about animals in a citizen-science effort. We aim to find answers to why animal exposure to glyphosate is measuring much higher than human exposure.

Results will help you determine whether to change diet or environmental exposures. Your voluntary survey response will help you and others when study results are published.

Test pets and farm animals for glyphosate by gold standard LC-MS/MS instrumentation. Just a small urine sample is required. Limits of detection (LOD) are highly sensitive at 0.02 part per billion (ppb).

HRI Labs is offering animal testing coupled with a voluntary exposure study because we’ve seen unexpectedly high results in animals tested so far. We would like to know why this is the case, and we’ll share the answers with you.

Could the source be oats, soy, lentils, chick peas or other ingredients known to be sprayed with large amounts of glyphosate? Could it be activity in grass and fields? Could it be an unexpected source like pets consuming deer poop (ugh, yes, we know!)? Help find out by participating.