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HRI test results were featured in a recent report, prepared by Friends of the Earth, that examined 30 oat cereal samples and 27 pinto bean samples for glyphosate. The report and test results may be viewed here.

A second report, Eating Out: A Date with Glyphosate, released this week by GMO Free USA, examined glyphosate levels in popular restaurant foods.

A full 100% of oat and bean samples tested for Friends of the Earth contained glyphosate. Oat cereal samples had levels averaging 360 parts per billion (ppb). Pinto bean samples had levels averaging 509 ppb. All food samples tested were non-organic and collected from top food retailers across the U.S.
Whole grain bagels and bread had some of the highest levels of glyphosate found in restaurant samples examined by GMO Free USA.  Panera Whole Grain Bagels had effective glyphosate levels as high as 677 ppb. Papa John’s pizza crust weighed in at 213 ppb. And, Subway’s 7-Grain Honey Whole Wheat bread tested at a level of 326 ppb.
The results of these reports were consistent with other samples tested by Health Research Institute. A selection of these test results is below.

HRI continues to test individuals, pets and drinking water for glyphosate.