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Knowledge is Power: 

Learn Your Current Level of Exposure to Glyphosate.


Moms Across America is teaming up with Health Research Institute to bring you affordable and highly accurate glyphosate testing.

Health Research Institute’s test for glyphosate is the most sensitive and most affordable screen for glyphosate available in North America. 

The results from all participants in the study will be aggregated and posted (anonymously, of course) in an open-source database on our website, and as the number of subjects expands, we will publish summaries of the data that will hopefully provide new insights into glyphosate exposure.

Join others in this exciting crowd-sourced research project to learn about ourselves, our food system, and our environment. In collaboration with Moms Across America, we are very happy to extend a special price of $89 per test.

Thanks to a generous donor, HRI is able to offer this discounted price on all our tests for a limited time. Just use the code MAA10