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Glyphosate Exposure test kit

To order a human test kit and participate in the Glyphosate Environmental Exposure Study click on “People” above. HRI Labs is CLIA certified to perform high complexity clinical testing and ISO accredited to test for glyphosate with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Glyphosate in water test
Test for Glyphosate in water by LC-MS/MS with extraordinary sensitivity. Includes AMPA metabolite at no extra charge.
Pet and Farm Animal Glyphosate Test
Specifically designed for animals, our Glyphosate urine test has the same sensitivity as our human test. Sample size can be as small as 1/4 oz. (5 mL).  Includes AMPA testing.
Test Food, Soil and Other Solids for Glyphosate

Now testing food, plants, soil and other solids by LC-MS/MS. Order a soil test kit or  contact us for a free consultation for testing of other matrices.