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Glyphosate testing in Canada

Canadian participants:

Health Research Institute is now offering glyphosate testing for Canadians.

You may place an order for human urine test kits and participate in the Glyphosate Environmental Exposure Study at https://hrilabs.org/personal-glyphosate-test-kit-purchase/

Water, pet and farm animal test kits may be ordered at: https://hrilabs.org/glyphosate-testing/

Please note a few differences, below, compared to the kits for U.S. customers.

For the kit price of $99, HRI will pay the additional postage required to ship to Canada. We ask that you pay for postage to return your sample.


When you are ready to return your sample, please place the proper postage on the package provided by HRI Labs. Shipping rates can be calculated at: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/far/business/findARate.

Glyphosate is stable at room temperature for at least a month, so standard air shipping is acceptable. The rate to ship from Ontario, as an example, appears to be $8.61 CAD. You may use a faster Canada Post service, but please note that only Canada Post will deliver to our PO Box, not other carriers.


Please use the return mailing label provided by HRI Labs. However, if you generate your own shipping label, then for testing of human samples please make sure that the words, “Exempt Human Sample” are visible on the same side of the box that has our address. For testing of animal samples, please make sure that the words, “Exempt Animal Sample” are visible on the same side of the box that has our address.


Please also generate a printable bar code customs form to provide to your post office (or complete a hand-written form at the post office if that is available). The form may be created at: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/cdc. On the customs form, regarding package contents, we suggest checking “other” specifying, “urine sample for analysis,” and setting a value of $1.

For the customs form, our shipping address is:

HRI Labs
PO BOX 370
FAIRFIELD IA 52556-0007

Telephone: 6415526258

 Any questions, feel free to email us through our contact form.

Thanks so much for your interest and participation.