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The Health Research Institute and HRI Labs

Worldwide, the public, independent scientists, innovative businesses and policy leaders are calling for healthy, environmentally sensitive and humanely produced foods, foods free from environmental contaminants, agrochemical residues, adulterants and additives, and for cleaner air, water and soil.

In service to these goals, the Health Research Institute (HRI) carries out scientific research and applies advanced analytical tools to help you to detect and quantify substances present in food, water, soil and even the human body. We provide tools for characterizing both constituents that are more nourishing, nutritious and health-promoting and those that may be harmful to health and the environment.

Authoritative laboratory testing is a powerful tool that has been used to detect and quantify the presence of pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and other substances. Testing is also increasingly used to evaluate the contribution of regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices to improved nutritional value of crops and even delivery of higher nutrition to the consumer.

HRI Labs offers accredited, high quality and rigorous testing using the most advanced technologies. We also operate as a 501(c)3 non-profit which enables us to provide testing and custom research at more affordable prices.

The lab features:

  • Advanced analytical instrumentation equivalent in power and sensitivity to the instrumentation found in the best research and commercial laboratories.
  • Accreditation to globally respected standards—certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments act of 1988 (CLIA-88) to perform high complexity clinical testing (CLIA ID 16D2122655); ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited for testing by PJLA (Accreditation #92657).
  • Policies that assure strict confidentiality of client identity and analytical results.
  • Testing for nutritional content and quality, contaminants, authenticity, soil carbon content and soil microbial biodiversity, and indicators of physiological contamination.
  • World-class scientific staff with years of experience in performing a wide variety of advanced analytical procedures, who are committed to collaborative approaches to help each client achieve their goals.
  • Sliding price scale that makes rigorous testing available to a much wider range of clients.