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Test Yourself and Your Family

Test your exposure to glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses. Join others in this exciting crowd-sourced research project to learn about ourselves, our food system, and our environment.

Test Your Pets

Join a growing group of people who care about animals in a citizen-science effort. We aim to find answers to why animal exposure to glyphosate is measuring much higher than human exposure.ngs.

Introducing TestedClean

A new project dedicated to helping consumers and food companies avoid exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and other contaminants in their food

HRI is an independent, non-profit laboratory and science organization.

We provide accredited testing services, custom research and scientific guidance to businesses, scientists, farmers, non-profits and individuals to achieve healthier food, nutrition, and agriculture.


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