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Making the invisible visible

The Health Research Institute employs advanced mass spectrometric and molecular genetic approaches to make the invisible visible, catalyzing transformation in both the biomedical and the nutritional-food-agricultural sectors.

Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis

HRI’s novel Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis method is transforming the food and agricultural sectors by revolutionising product development, production process design, quality control and quality assurance.

Untargeted metabolomics enables HRI to comprehensively, globally, and quantitatively inventory the molecular composition of food, ingredients, medical herbs, supplements and wide of a range of other bioactive materials.
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Chemical Residue Testing

Pesticide Residue Testing - 220+ Pesticides, including glyphosate. Vet Multi Residue - 130+ Drugs and 25+ Antibiotics.

Benchmarks - The gold standard: testing to less than 10 nanograms per gram.

Sensitivity - 10 to 100 times greater sensitivity than most government and industry labs.
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Tested Clean

Tested Clean champions the elimination of toxins from food, enabling consumers to buy with confidence and brands to highlight their organic credentials whilst differentiating from competitors by ensuring products are laboratory tested, using the most robust pesticide testing program in the United States.
HRI is proud to announce its partnership with Tested Clean as its laboratory of choice.
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Molecular Diagnostics

We have pioneered the application of PCR and other molecular methods for quality assurance, traceability, authenticity and diagnostics in the food and agricultural space for over 30 years.

Saliva-based PCR test for SARS-CoV-2, high sensitivity, low false positives and false negatives, non-invasive, cost effective and more accessible.

Research & Development

We partner with academic researchers, corporations, non-profits, legal and medical experts, advocacy groups and citizens. We help NGOs, lawyers and physicians harness scientific evidence to shine light on issues often hidden from the public.

Quality Assurance

HRI specialises in customized R&D. HRI develops fast, cost effective quality assurance tests that can be used routinely to verify integrity and quality of a product or it’s ingredients. Routine QA testing and novel QA method development

Our Mission

Our passion is to unfold knowledge that brings life on Earth to a higher level of balance, integration and inclusive wholeness for all. Making visible the Full Spectrum of nutrients present in our foods is transformative. Making visible the full range of contaminants that have previously been invisible in our foods is transformative.
Working with people to make visible the contaminants they carry in their physiology is also transformative.
Creating transparency on both of these levels, enables people to choose for health and safety for themselves and their families.
This will drive the transition to a food system that nourishes humanity, regenerates the soil and reverses climate change.

Creating Change

Create transparency through testing
Empower consumers to make intelligent decisions about their health.
Market-demand drives change of the food system

How can HRI help you

We partner with academic researchers, physicians, corporations, non-profits, legal and medical experts, advocacy groups and citizens to promote human health by discovering the benefits of superior nutrition content in foods and uncovering harmful chemical residues.
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Dr John Fagan
Co-Founder, CEO,
Chief Scientist
Dr John Fagan is a leading authority on biosafety, food authenticity and sustainability in the food and agricultural system. He also conducted biomedical research, examining molecular mechanisms in carcinogenesis and cellular and gene-regulatory impacts of environmental toxicants such as dioxins and PCBs.

Dr. Fagan is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded, built and sold Global ID Group (now Food Chain ID), a pioneering company where he developed innovative molecular biological tools.

Dr Fagan’s research has been published in leading scientific journals and supported by millions of dollars in grants, including the prestigious National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award.

He earned his Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology from Cornell University.

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Discover the unique benefits of your product through deep analysis of its molecular composition.
Find out if your diet contains dangerous chemicals like glyphosate.
Use scientific data to prove health claims about your products.
Develop QA methods to ensure quality, organic ingredients from suppliers.
Ensure your work force is routine tested for COVID.
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HRI Board

Steve Rye
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Lelah
Chief Science Officer
NutriScience Innovations
Errol Schweizer
Larry Bohlen
George Davidson
Chief Operating Officer
Dr John Fagan
Co-Founder, CEO,
Chief Scientist


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The Health Research Institute was established in 2017, it is a 501(c)3 non-profit laboratory which offers research, education and service. It is a High Complexity CLIA Certified clinical laboratory and an ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 Accredited analytical laboratory.