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Making the invisible visible

The Health Research Institute employs cutting-edge mass
spectrometric and molecular genetic approaches to make the
invisible visible. The new scientific knowledge we generate
catalyzes transformation in both the biomedical and the
nutritional-food-agricultural sectors.

Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis

HRI's Novel Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis method is a revolutionary discovery tool that has produced new Intellectual Property and transformed quality control, quality assurance, product development, and production process design.

Humanity has barely begun to unfold the vast range of molecules that comprise biological materials—plant, animal, or microbially derived. HRI’s Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis takes you beyond the frontiers of human knowledge to discover new compounds and new biological and health functionalities, even in botanicals or other biologicals you already use in your products.

Full Spectrum Molecular Analysis, powered by untargeted metabolomics methodologies and instrumentation, enables HRI to comprehensively, globally, and quantitatively inventory the molecular composition of food, ingredients, medical herbs, supplements and a wide range of other bioactive materials.

We make the invisible visible.
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Chemical Residue Testing

HRI's testing service provides a comprehensive analysis of up to 220 different pesticides, including glyphosate. Our Vet Multi Residue testing is capable of detecting the presence of 130 drugs and 25 antibiotics.

We are proud to say that we surpass the current industry standard by testing to less than 10 nanograms per gram. Our sensitivity is unparalleled, with a range of 10 to 100 times greater than most government and industry labs. We strive to set the highest standards for our testing, and our benchmarks reflect this commitment.

We also provide customized testing that quantitatively targets on the specific compounds you are interested in measuring. You can trust us to deliver precise and efficient results for all your testing needs.
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Tested Clean

Welcome to Tested Clean - the champion of eliminating toxic agrochemicals from food. We are committed to providing consumers with a confident buying experience by ensuring that our products are test-verified and free of harmful chemicals. Our platform also enables brands to amplify the rigor of their organic program, setting them apart from the rest of the crowd.

We partner with HRI to deploy North America's most robust pesticide testing program. And we're proud to announce that HRI is our laboratory of choice. Together, we're working towards a safer, healthier future for all.
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Molecular Diagnostics

For more than three decades, we have pioneered the application of PCR and other molecular methods for quality assurance, traceability, authenticity and diagnostics in the food and agricultural space.

To illustrate:
• First mover in applying PCR and genetic testing in the food sector.
• First to establish GMO testing labs in both the United States and Japan, and we also set up an early lab in Europe. Additionally, we conducted training programs in 17 countries spanning all continents.
• Developed the first PCR test for a gene-edited crop.
• Led the development of PCR-based authenticity tests for various foods.

Research & Development

At HRI, collaboration drives progress. We partner with academic researchers, corporations, non-profits, legal and medical professionals, advocacy groups, private individuals and the general public to make a difference.

• We aid researchers solve tough research challenges.
• We assist corporations to find new value, often in materials they have been working with for years.
• We help physicians, NGOs, and lawyers shine light on issues previously obscured by lack of science-based information.

Custom R&D and Quality Assurance Solutions

HRI is dedicated to providing customized R&D solutions. We strive to gain a deep understanding of our clients' needs and translate that understanding into new and valuable knowledge and Intellectual Property. With our rapid-turnaround model for client-service provider interaction, we maximize value delivered and ensure speedy results, leaving no room for wasted effort.

HRI also builds on the foundation of R&D discovery to develop rapid, innovative, and cost-effective quality assurance tests. These tests ensure the integrity and excellence of your products and ingredients. Choose routine QA testing at our cutting-edge laboratory or opt for our streamlined solutions to elevate your product's quality with ease.

Our Mission

Our passion is to unfold knowledge that brings life on Earth to a higher level of balance, integration and inclusive wholeness for all. Making visible the Full Spectrum of nutrients present in our foods is transformative. Making visible the full range of contaminants that have previously been invisible in our foods is transformative.
Working with people to make visible the contaminants they carry in their physiology is also transformative.
Creating transparency on both of these levels, enables people to choose for health and safety for themselves and their families.
This will drive the transition to a food system that nourishes humanity, regenerates the soil and reverses climate change.

Creating Change

Create transparency through testing
Empower consumers to make intelligent decisions about their health.
Market-demand drives change of the food system

How can HRI help you

We partner with academic researchers, physicians, corporations, non-profits, legal and medical experts, advocacy groups and citizens to promote human health by discovering the benefits of superior nutrition content in foods and uncovering harmful chemical residues.
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Dr John Fagan
Co-Founder, CEO,
Chief Scientist
For the last three decades, Dr. John Fagan has been an international advocate for food purity and safety, nutrition, and food security. He continues to work globally to raise scientific questions and awareness regarding the health consequences of technologies such as genetic engineering and gene editing, pesticides, and synbio foods to promote regenerative, agroecological-based technologies for a reliable supply of clean, safe, and healthy food for all. His professional insights have been sought by business and political elites, researchers, and the public to whom he has offered multiple lectures in the last three decades.

Dr. Fagan is highly-renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen, having founded, built and sold a company where he pioneered: (a) innovative genetic tools to verify food purity, quality and sustainability, including testing methods to detect and quantify genetically engineered organisms in food and agricultural products, (b) an early certification program for non-GMO foods, and (c) a successful program for certifying corporate environmental and social responsibility and ethics in the food and agricultural industries.

With a vision of a world where pure, safe, and nutritious food is available to all, he continues to inspire and lead a global movement toward sustainable and responsible food systems. His legacy as a scientist, entrepreneur, and advocate will undoubtedly endure, leaving a lasting impact on the future of food.

He earned his Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology from Cornell University.

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Find out if your diet contains dangerous chemicals like glyphosate.
Use scientific data to prove health claims about your products.
Develop QA methods to ensure quality, organic ingredients from suppliers.
Ensure your work force is routine tested for COVID.
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HRI Board

Steve Rye
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Lelah
Chief Science Officer
NutriScience Innovations
Errol Schweizer
Independent Consultant
Larry Bohlen
Health Research Institute
Dr. John Fagan
Co-Founder, CEO,
Chief Scientist
Health Research Institute


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The Health Research Institute was established in 2017, it is a 501(c)3 non-profit laboratory which offers research, education and service. It is a High Complexity CLIA Certified clinical laboratory and an ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 Accredited analytical laboratory.